Advantages and Disadvantages of a Laser Printer 2023

A laser printer works like a regular computer printer that utilizes a laser radiate to create a picture that ultimately emerges as printed output. The figure is formed as a range of very healthy dots. A laser printer uses toner instead of regular ink to create a clear image.

These printers are durable, cost effective, and can print out large documents in very short time. Hence, you can use them on school, offices, and homes.

Here we will discuss advantages and disadvantages of the laser printer based on our usage experience.

Advantages of a Laser Printer

There are prominent 5 advantages of a laser printer, which are the following:

Printing Speed:

The printing speed of these printers is breakneck, and you don’t have to wait for a long time to get your print in the rigid form. All other printers have slow speed and low-quality prints as well. On average, the speed of a laser printer is 30-40PPM for black and white color printing and 14-20PPM for colored printing.

Long Life:

The laser printers are more reliable than the other printers, and the lifetime of these printers is longer than the other printers like inkjet printers. The spare parts used in these printers are of excellent quality. Installing these printers mean you are free of changing their parts regularly.

Requirement of Paper:

There are no requirements for the specific paper type in the laser printers. You can use any of the low quality, medium quality, and high quality papers. While the other printers used high-quality paper and some are good only low-quality paper. There is no such condition in the laser printers.

Graphics Quality:

The output graphics printed on the paper are genuine and authentic, as given in the output. You have many options for printing, as you can print your document with the help of a scanner and through the other device connected with the laser printer. This graphic quality becomes more valuable because of the highest resolution which is of about 600 dpi to 3000 dpi for laser printers. You can check this resolution and graphic quality options on the given label.

Long Maintenance Time Spam:

The laser printers have a long maintenance time spam as you don’t need to clean the printer daily, and the main feature of the laser printers is that it automatically maintains and cleans the printer when it needs to get maintenance.

While the other printers need to clean themselves after a short period, if you will not preserve the printer, it starts to give dull graphics. Laser printers are free of these issues.

Low Cost Features

As the toner cartridge of the laser printer is expensive, it does not affect the cost of the image; therefore, the cost of the laser printer is less than the cost of the photo from the inkjet printer because the other attribute of the printer is also included. 

This high cost toner cartridge have ling term advantages. Once you install this printer, there is no need to worry about it again and again.

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Disadvantages of a Laser Printer

Following are the disadvantages of the laser printer, which are classified according to the different aspects;

Expensive toner Cartridge:

Toner cartridge is the essential part of the laser printer as it includes the color ink printed on the paper. Laser printers have the most expensive cartridge than the other like inkjet printers, and therefore the price of the print from the laser printer is higher than the other ink printers. It is the main drawback of the laser printer.

Harmful toner:

The toner used in the printer’s cartridge is very harmful to humans, and it causes many dangerous causes for human beings. You can’t touch the toner with bare hands, otherwise, you can face detrimental effects on your body.

You have to be uncommonly heedful about the precautions given while changing the cartridge’s toner and cleaning the cartridge. It is also imperative to clean the waste in the cartridge.

Difficult to repair:

The spare parts of the laser printers are not readily available in the markets, and if any fault comes in these printers, then it is not easy to remove this fault. Therefore inkjet printers are readily available in the markets and are easy to use.

Lasers printers are complicated to use. Inkjet printers can be quickly repaired, and the fault in the inkjet printers can soon resolve.

Create Environmental pollution:

The biggest drawback of the laser printers is that it causes environmental pollution, which can create many dangerous causes in the environment like laser printers release ozone in the environment, which results in the different harmful rays coming on the earth and causes many diseases like skin and eyes infection. So we have to control the pollution created by laser printers to avoid many conditions on the planet.

Investment Cost:

The initial investment cost of the laser printer is very high as compared to the inkjet and other printers. You have to donate a large amount of money to purchase this printer and use the different features of the printer. So people feel easy purchasing the inkjet printers because they are less expensive than these printers.

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Comparison between Advantages of Laser Printers and Disadvantages of Laser Printers

Fast printing speedIt is high initial investment cost
It has a long lifeIt is difficult to repair
Good graphic qualityPhotographics are not good as an imkjet
Its efficiency is very highThe color toner cartridge is expensive
Maintenance time span is longerMaintenance cost is high
No requirement of paperToner cartridge is harmful

Features of a Laser Printer


Color laser printers operate similarly to black-only laser printing machines with one objection. In place of one toner and one drum, the printer has four: ultramarine (a light blue), black, crimson (a pinkish-red), and yellow,

The four rays image four drums, and the layer of the paper flows each drum individually. Formerly the whole four toners were in the form, and it is blended. Color laser printers generally arrive in only 1200 dpi settlements to generate a precise color. Also, color laser printers sprint at moderately lower speeds because of the confusion of adjusting the paper for special color enrollment and multiple laser and toner actions.


Laser printer speed is hardly confined by the automated capability to shift the paper. Rate is fixed by the laser’s ability to picture the drum for reiterated permits. Also, laser printer speeds are faked by the calculating strength available to operate and interpret the figure for the laser.

Laser printers have mainframes and random access memory (RAM), in the same vein the computer employed to create the first file. Several laser printers have hard drives for saving data such as typeface files and other required graphic files.  These elements can control the laser printer’s zoom, intended in pages per minute. Quick laser printers offer speed of 60 pages per minute. These devices are used for realistic premium creation, such as address mailers and publicizing supplements.


The laser generates lower and smaller dots for matching expansions in the amount of dots per inch. Laser printer imagery paper scarcely has decisions beyond 1200 dpi because the material properties of the toner cannot be decreased to smaller particles.

As the determination augmentations, so does the fluency and clarity of the printed picture. Smaller and smaller dots fixed in bows and inclines result in more minor rough edges and more delicate modifications in masks. The higher the decision, the more tints of gray are available.

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Pros and Cons of Laser Printers- FAQs

Does a laser printer depend on ink?

Laser printers utilize toner powder instead of dye or any other ink. Laser printers create electrostatically charged dots on a photosensitive drum which attract toner powder. The toner is attached to the paper and settled by a heating process.

Does a laser printer have its memory?

As other devices like computers and mobile phones have their memory, these types of printers also have the memory to store different things and which is very useful.

Wrapping Up the Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Printer

Following the advantages and disadvantages of a laser printer, it isn’t easy to buy it compared to other inkjet printers. Still, we highly recommend using this printer because of more pros and minor cons. If you want a high level of professional printing, we highly recommend buying and using this printer.

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