Getting Printer Ink off Your Hands- Unique Tips 2023

Many people are wondering about getting printer ink off your hands since it can be a very bothersome and aggravating experience, mainly if the ink dries and becomes a greasy mess. Don’t worry; removing ink from your hands is easy by following the specific procedure and steps we mentioned below. 

First, wear gloves to protect your hand from ink. But if your hand becomes stained, we come up here with top 9 tips to remove ink from your hand

Keep reading this article to get the answer to your question. 

10 Helpful Tips to Remove Ink from Your Hand

1. Use Alcohol

Using alcohol is an easiest way to get rid of printer ink off your hands. Denatured and isopropyl alcohol act as spot cleansers and aid in removing stains that cannot be removed with water or detergent. Alcohol is used to get rid of stains, ink from fabrics, hands, and other stuff safely but avoid applying it on wool, silk, nylon, and acetate. 

As a result, alcohol availability will not be an issue as it’s easily available in the market.

To remove stains, you have to pour some drops of alcohol on your hand and massage it. The stains and ink will start to fade. After sometime wash your hands with soap and water.

It would cause skin dryness if not washed with soap after removing the stain. Also, apply the lotion to keep your skin moisturize. 

Alcohol can prove harmful to human health and cause flushing, vomiting, headache if it is inhaled. So, for safety purposes, wear a mask or keep your mouth aside while dealing with alcohol.

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2. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is obtained from tea tree leaves and mostly grows in swampy and wild areas. Tea tree oil is full of benefits and does not cause any harm. This natural product proves amazing in removing ink stains. So you can use it without any worry. 

To remove stains, take a piece of cloth and pour a few drops of tea tree oil on it and clean the afflicted area. You have to perform this process multiple times to clean your skin properly. 

You can also use a fingernail brush to clean the ink stains near the nail or between the fingers. Further tea tree oil is used as a hand sanitizer, natural deodorant, antiseptic, and many more. 

3. Bleach

Bleach is also recommended because it is an effective ink cleaning product. But before applying to the skin, make sure your skin is not sensitive to that. 

To make the mixture dilute it with water before using the bleach, water should be ten times more than bleach. If you want to eliminate the odor of bleach, add lemon of orange drop in it.

Spread this paste on your hand and massage it. Ink stain will vanish after a while.  Now wash your hands with soap. It would be best if you apply moisturizing lotion to avoid skin dryness. 

Chlorinated bleach can cause many problems like irritation of the throat, eyes, and nose, and cause burns. It may also produce nausea and vomiting. So make sure that you are not allergic to bleach before applying it on your skin.

4. Hair Spray

You think hairspray is just used to hold stray hair strands in place. But hairspray is an excellent toner ink cleaner. If you have no alcohol then go for hair spray. Hairspray contains alcohol that tends to remove the ink stain quickly. 

Spray it on the stained skin and let it stay for a few minutes to absorb. Do not rub it because rubbing at the spot will probably spread the ink farther. After this wash your hands with clear and cool water. If the hairspray application appears to be effective, you can repeat the procedure as needed. 

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5. Nail Polish Remover

You will surprise how naik polish remover clears the ink spot from your hands. Nail polish remover contains acetone and it is effective in removing the ink stains from your hands. 

Apply the nail polish remover to the stained area, sit for a while and then rinse your hand with water. Aceton causes dryness, therefore apply moisturizing lotion. 

6. Hand Cleaner Solution

Different hand cleansers such as Goop and Gojo are performing their job effectively in removing stains. They’re usually used to get rid of grease and ink.

They assist you to disintegrate and dissolve dirt, grease, and any form of ink stain, in addition to lowering the risk of cross-contamination from dirt, germs, and other contaminants. 

7. Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaner proves very effective in removing the ink stain from your hand. Isopropyl alcohol in glass cleaner is the main ingredient in removing ink stains. 

Sprinkle the glass cleaner on the stained area, sit for a while and let the cleaner absorb. Then rub the cleaner on the skin with a paper towel. Afterward, rinse your hand with soap and water. 

Avoid inhaling or ingesting glass cleaner since it contains a number of harmful compounds that might harm or irritate the lungs, throat, or eyes

8. Baby Oil

Because of its oily nature, baby oil is ideal for removing ink stains from any body part without any harm. Furthermore, applying baby oil is the best and most simple ways to remove ink from our list. 

Simply use a cotton swab or a soft cloth to dab some baby oil into the spot, then rinse it with soap and water.

You don’t need to apply any moisturizing lotion after because baby oil does contain alcohol or other chemicals that cause dryness. 

9. TUB O’ Towels

Tub O’ Towels heavy-duty wipes feature skin softeners like aloe, lanolin, and Vitamin E, as well as removing rough scouring. They’re made to get rid of difficult stains while still leaving your hands feeling soft and rejuvenated.

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Getting Printer Ink off Your Hands- Frequently Asked Question

How to Get Ink off Skin without Rubbing Alcohol?

If you have no alcohol, you can get ink off by using a hand cleanser, baby oil, nail polish remover, hairspray, glass cleaner, bleach, and tea tree oil. 

How to Remove Printer Ink from Fabric?

You can remove ink from fabrics from the products you use to remove ink stains from your hand such as alcohol, bleach, nail polish remover, hairspray, etc. Aceton is the best solvent for the removal of stains from fabrics. 

Wrapping Up- Getting Printer Ink off Your Hands

To get printer ink off your hands is not challenging. Above I have explained the tips to remove printer ink stains from your hand and I believe you understood.

All the tips do not harm you in any case. So, follow these tips without any worry. For more information, keep reading our latest blogs.

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