How to Clean Laser Printer Streaks 2023- A Step by Step Guide

It is very weird when your laser printer starts to make streaks because sometimes we have to print out our documents in a very short time. Think that if you want to make a print out of your documents but the printer machine is not working well and shows the blurry or black lines on the pages.  This looks very frustrating because it can damage your work.

Laser printer streaks cause this problem, but this can be solved easily if you know the solution. Here in this article, we give you a complete guide about how to clean laser printer streaks.

Reasons for Laser Printer Streaks

First of all, we need to know the actual reason for the printer streaks that stop you from printing your documents. There is no need to give much attention to your printer, but from time to time cleaning is very important and if you are not doing this, you can face these problems.

The basic reason behind the printer streaks is the drum unit or toner cartridge, and these parts are the main printer use that helps you get your hard copy of the documents. We know that the drum units are the consumable parts of the printer, which means that we have to change them after using three or four toners.

The basic purpose of the drum unit is to transfer the cartridge on the page, the toner cartridge holds the toner powder, if the toner cartridge is not working well this problem can be solved but if the drum unit is out of order you need to change it. These parts may be separate or not because, in some printers, you will see that the drum unit and the toner cartridge are combined, but they are different in some printers.

Sometimes we want to print out our documents, but we get the streak, which is also caused due to excess toner left on the roller. This roller is present on the drum unit, and you also need to clean it while cleaning laser printer streaks. While cleaning the laser printer streaks, we know that there are many things damaged in your printer that you need to replace for properly working the printer.

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To remove all the printer wires associated with the computer or socket.

How to Clean the Laser Printer Streak Steps

After getting all these instruments, you can follow these guidelines to clean your laser printer streaks in your home instead of going to any repair shop.

Step#1: Cooldown Printer

Please turn off your printer one or two hours before cleaning and wait for its cooldown because when you remove it from electric wires at this time, it is very hot, and this can cause electric shock or burn your hands.

Step#2: Rum Cleaning

If you want to use your printer to work efficiently, you need to clean its drum after specific time intervals. So here are some guidelines that you can follow to clean the drum.

First, remove the cover, and remove the toner and drum assembly.

  • Now push the green lock that is available on the side of the drum and remove the toner cartridge.
  • Now you see a roller inside the drum unit, clean the roller using the soft cloth; you can use the activated toner cloth. Put this cloth into the Isopropyl Alcohol box to make it moist, don’t clean it hard, and because all these instruments are very sensitive, so softly clean them.
  • If you see any damage, like anything is broken, you have to stop cleaning, because now you need to go to the shop or change your printer.
  • After cleaning one thing with the Isopropyl Alcohol, wait for the time so that the alcohol can easily dry out.
  • Clean the corona wire several times, and put it back in the green tab to its previous location.
  • Now reinstall the toner into the drum.                                                             
  • Now put all the things back to their previous position with full intention.

Step#3: Test your Printer

After cleaning the laser printer streaks you have to test and make prints of at least five copies to make sure that, now you are getting the good prints. But if you are facing the problem again then you need to clean again your laser printer streak. In the end the only solution is to replace your printer if the problem is still there.

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Cleaning Laser Printer Streaks and Important Considerations

This process is not very complicated, but that doesn’t mean that it is very easy; there are many things that you need to do before cleaning the laser printer streaks.

Make sure that you know all the guidelines, and the most important thing is that you have all the necessary products you need while cleaning. Here is a list of products you need to manage before cleaning the laser printer streaks.

Activated Toner Cloth

Many people use the ordinary cleaning products available in the market, but you have to avoid these products and follow these tips. If you are using your printer regularly, then you need to clean it because the dust, ink, dunk, and toner particles are left that you should remove.

To remove these particles, you can use an activated toner cloth specially made to clean the printers and these types of products.

Isopropyl Alcohol

You can use the Isopropyl Alcohol to remove the particles from the hard-to-reach places or the spots where you cannot use the cloth for cleaning. Isopropyl Alcohol can also be used as an ordinary cleaner, but we use this to remove the tiny particles from the hidden locations in most cases.

Gas Mask

This is an important thing you should use because while cleaning the printer, the dust and other powdery substances may enter your body through the mouth and nose, which is harmful to your health. So always use a gas mask before cleaning the laser printer streaks; in this way, you can save yourself from dirt particles.

Clean the Area

In this step you have to clean the area in which you will open your laser printer streaks. Make sure that the area is fully ventilated in which you are going to open your printer and clean it. Many people ignore that it is wrong; wash the floor on which you will open your printer. In this way you can prevent yourself and your pet from getting any type of danger, due to gas and other chemicals.


The gloves are also another important thing that you need to wear before cleaning the laser printer streaks because human hands are not so clean, and due to other reasons, it is recommended that you use rubber gloves. The gloves also prevent your hands from getting any dust particles or ink material.

Toner Vacuum

Toner vacuum is an excellent instrument to remove the toner from the laser printer streaks, but the problem is that it is very costly. But you don’t need to worry and spend your money because you can easily clean your laser printer streaks without spending a lot of money.

Turn Off the Printer

The first step you need to do is turn off the printer because if you are cleaning the printer while connected to the electricity, you can get an electric shock, which happens to many.

Watch this video for how to clean white streaks on prints!

Wrapping Up- How to Clean Laser Printer Streaks

If your printer ever shows the lines or any other problem while printing the pages, you need to clean your laser printer streaks.

After reading this article, you can clean your printer without any help, get the instruments and perform this procedure. For more information and updates, keep reading our latest blogs.

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