How to Reprint Something From Printer History

Have you ever felt guilty when you made something ready for printing, and at the same time, you lost your printing data due to some sudden issue? Don’t worry; you still have the option to reprint something using printing history.

Moreover, most people need to reprint something again in the future. So, in this case, here is the guide about how to reprint something from printer history.

The next important question is how to find the history in the printer for the specific printer you want to reprint.

Continue reading, and let’s get started!

How to Reprint Something from Printer History- A Step by Step Proven Guide

Here are some easy steps you can use to reprint something from the printer history. All the steps are based on our proven guide and experience!

But first, you need to know how to find the specific printer history you want to reprint.

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How to Find the Printer History

The first step to reprint something from the printing history is to find and save the printing history. The reason is that by finding the history, you can easily proceed towards the further steps!

  • First, open and click on the Windows button and find enter view there.
  • Next, you will find many options; click on the specific option named Application and Service Logins.
  • Again there are multiple options, fine the one named Microsoft and Windows.
  • Now from the drop-down menu again, you will see many options. Now search for the option named Print Service.
  • Now click on the operational options and then click on Properties from the options.
  • Now is the original option for which you followed the above steps; click on Logging in and make sure that it is Enabled.

Hurrah! Now you can find the recent documents from the printing history.

How to Reprint Something Using Printer History

Here are some easy steps to print your documents using printing history. Don’t worry, as these are all easy options. Just put some attention for some time, and you are done with the printing process using printer history.

Here are the steps!

Step#1: Open Print Service Folder

The very first step is to open the print service option. In some printers, it is available in the form of a printer. However, in others, it’s available in the form of an option. By opening this option, you will find further options. Find and click on the event viewer option and then click on open logged saved. In this way, your history printing documents are opened to find and print the one you need.

Step#2: Select the Document and Click on the Print

Since in the first, you step, you have to find the detail and history of all the previous documents you want to print. After opening the documents in history, now search for the display option and click on it.

After you click the display option, now the printer will show the different projects from the history. Pick the project you want to print, and click on event viewer. Now click on start and again press on the option named open logged save.

Additionally, watch this complete video to understand more about reprinting old files and documents using the printer’s history!

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Want to Quick Print the History Documents? Follow these Steps!

In another case, some people can’t wait for hours to find the specific historical documents they want to print, and they want a quick printing history. In this case, here are some easy steps which we recommend using and following!


First of all, open the setting option from your device and search the option named printers and scanners from the devices option.


A lot of options will be opened. Find and click on the one named Manage.


After this, many options are there which you can use as per your requirement. However, click on the option given as Properties to find the short enable history print. Now open the advanced option; there are multiple options to use, click or tick for the option which is given as keep Printed Documents.

In this way, you can quickly print all your documents saved in your history in a short time.

How To View Your Mac’s Print History?

Its’ easy to find the mac’s printer history by following the given options!

  • Find and click on the option named as Apple menu
  • Now open systems preferences 
  • Click on scanners and printers options
  • Now, open the print queue tab and find show complete jobs

In this way, you can print and view documents using mac’s printer history

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Reprint Documents from Print History- Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reprint something that has already been printed?

You can easily reprint something that has been already printer by enabling the history logged save option from your device. 

Can inkjet printers be traced?

Yes, inkjet printers are traceable due to their printing quality which is durable and highly efficient.

Wrapping Up– Ho to Reprint Something from Printer History

Hence, the above is a complete guide on reprinting something from print history. It is easy to follow the steps. However, some people forget to enable the logged save due to which they hire a professional for this purpose and spend a lot of money. 

We recommend following the steps again and again if you are working on regular printing. In this way, you are more likely able to remember and reprint old files. Hence, it’s easy to find and print something at a time of urgency.

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